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Coated Trace
Mineral Complex

MinCo® is an innovative micro-coated complex of ionic trace minerals designed for optimal hygiene quality, stability, bioavailability and performance, it is manufactured through a unique processing technology that embeds the selected trace minerals in a bio-protective matrix of plant origin. Each micro-pellet contains 6-7 trace minerals formulated to meet the requirements for commercial poultry, swine, ruminant and aqua species, to achieve high retention and much reduced excretion.

Benefits of MinCo®

  • All raw ingredients of trace minerals are strictly checked and selected for optimal hygiene quality, bioavailability and free from contamination such as heavy metals, and coated in a food-grade matrix of plant origin, in order to prevent physical contact with other components in premixes and final feeds. The final product is heat and pH resistant, dust free, stable in oil and water.

  • For premix: The strict selection for quality raw ingredients takes away the trouble-some procurement and handling of individual trace minerals by premix producers. The coating technology minimizes reactivity among the minerals, with vitamins, enzymes, pigments and free amino acids during manufacturing, storage and transportation.

  • For final feeds: It minimizes oxidation and saponification with vitamins, enzymes, fats and oils during manufacturing, transportation and storage.

  • For animal: It provides an odorless and palatable source of trace minerals, eliminating potential feed rejection by animals, especially during the summer season. The coating ensures the trace minerals to reach the duodenum prior to release by enzymatic degradation, thus reducing oxidative damages to the intestines, benefiting gut health. It generally improves feed conversion by 2-4%.

  • The processing technique imbeds all trace minerals into a matrix of carbohydrates, rendering the coated trace minerals to function as organic trace minerals. Research in laboratory and field has proven that MinCo® can substitute organic trace minerals.

  • Sustainability: It optimizes the supply of trace minerals by reducing excessive supplementation, increases their retention thus reduces mineral excretion. In addition, the improved stability will help extension of shelf-life of both premixes and final feeds.

  • Excellent flowability, mixability and free of dust, providing a revolutionary step towards efficiency and sustainability of both feed manufacturing and animal industry.


Syno International Pte Ltd

Syno Int. P/L was incorporated in the Republic of Singapore since 2016, with a mission to provide innovative products, knowledge and services that can contribute to the efficiency and sustainability of the animal agriculture throughout Asia Pacific and beyond.


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